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The Grapevine CrossFit Sports Performance Track was created to elevate the general athleticism of middle school and high school athletes. We do this by developing muscle tone, coordination, and proper movement skills. We feel very confident that by hitting these three markers we can institute growth for any athlete's performance in their sport.

What does a day of training look like?

Athletes joining this track can expect workouts that focus on strength, mobility, agility, speed development, and plyometrics. These markers will be progressed and or regressed based on the athlete’s capabilities. Sessions will be 1 hour long and will consist of: a Dynamic warmup, a Primary Session focusing on movement development, mobility, and coordination. Next will be a Secondary Session focusing on either strength, speed, power, or agility. Sessions will end with a cooldown, and off the field performance talk (nutrition, sleep, and character).


I began studying exercise science in college, and it is there that I learned how poor my training was back during my competitive athlete years. I want to be able to help develop young athletes so that they can reach their full potential and never have to wonder how good they could have been if they had trained more efficiently and effectively.

In the last 2 years I have accumulated over 400 hours of coaching, assisting, and shadowing experience within sports performance. I have worked with every age from middle and high school to college and professional athletes. I have seen and trained these athletes over a broad spectrum of sports (triathlon, football, golf, baseball, tennis, and ice hockey to name a few).

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