Workout of the Day

Thursday 10.10.19

Thursday 10.10.19

The next round of the CrossFit Open begins this week. Since the restructure of the CrossFit Games, things are a bit different and caused the need for another Open. Here’s the info on how we are going to handle it:

Dates: Thursday, Oct 10th to Monday, November 11th.

Friday’s class workout will be the announced Open workout for that week. Anyone registered through is welcome to have their workout judged during that time. We will also reserve Saturday Open Gym times for judging as well. If you need to be judged at another time please reach out so we can make accommodations for you if possible.

Good luck to all that register!

A. Warmup:
2 x 1:00 Back Pack stretch
3 sets of:
10 Front Raise, lateral raise, ring rows

B. Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3
*Work up to a heavy set
3 x :30 Assault Bike, Hard
*rest as needed between efforts

C. Accessory/Cooldown:
3 x 10 Lateral Squats
3:00 Pancake stretch

3 x max effort Plank
*rest as needed between efforts