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Goal Setting: Tell your excuses to f**k off!

Goal Setting: Tell your excuses to f**k off!

We had a very successful goal setting seminar go down this past weekend and I thought it was awesome. The amount of participation and involvement makes us want it to be more than just a quarterly thing. To set the pace from this meeting and get the year going, I thought it would be fun to share a bit from it. It’s too much to share all at once, so it’ll be over a couple of weeks. This is all in hopes to make you a better planner and creator of your goal system, or even get you to think about new ways to set goals. If you pay attention and take notes over the next couple of weeks, you’ll be all caught up for the next seminar!

Our starting point of the seminar really began after asking why goals were important. We established that part of the biggest reasons that goals don’t get accomplished are due to self sabotage in the form of excuses. I listed out some of the most often heard excuses from our end to get the point across. Of those, I’ll list out the top 5 with my response.

1. I just don’t know how to do it.
False. With the way the world is today and freedom of information, there is literally no way you can’t learn something over time. (with respect to certain things that take years of schooling like Doctors…) Chances are you are scared of what people will think, or you’re looking at the end and how long it will take to get there instead of taking it one day at a time.

2. I just don’t have enough time.
False. You WILL make time for anything in your life that you feel is important. Make your goal of the highest importance and you’ll find the time.

3. I’m just not ready yet.
False. There’s no better time than the present. If you continue to tell yourself you’re not ready, you won’t ever start.

4. It’s just too difficult.
False. If only person has ever done something that you feel is too difficult, then it’s clearly possible to do it. Refer to the points made in ‘1’.

5. It just isn’t the right time.
False. Similar to number 3, if now is not the best time, when will it ever be. The best time to do something is often when you think it’s the worst because you may need that big of a change.

The list of excuses go on and on. It’s our way of trying to keep things simple in our lives. It’s our way of staying comfortable.

I posed a question to the group after this: “If you have ever done ANYTHING worth doing, was it easy?” Think about all the big accomplishments in your life and what it took to get there. Now apply that to any goal that you have whether it’s big or small and know that there WILL be struggle to get to the end. Stop making excuses to yourself and stop sabotaging your goals through negative self talk. This is the first step. End the negative thoughts, embrace the positive thoughts.

Next week will get into the first phase of planning which is actually creating the goal and the beginning steps of execution.