Nikki Rosenberg

Nikki Rosenberg

Nutrition Coach


CrossFit L1 Trainer, 2019
WAG Certified Coach, 2021
Precision Nutrition Level 1, Certificate in Exercise Nutrition, 2016
Gen-Do Mind Body Institute 450 Hour Embodied Pilates Teacher Training, 2018
2B Mindset Nutrition Mentor, 2018
UPF Certified, 2020
Group Fitness Instructor 1998-2018

About Coach

Nikki is a lifelong athlete and mover, coaching group fitness since college. She became a nutrition nerd while losing 40# for the second time. The first time she lost it drinking shakes and lifting weights; the second time she learned how much better she felt when eating whole foods. Then she had her two boys, now 13 and 10. Her attention shifted to CrossFit from bodybuilding when her younger son was 5 and she stopped teaching group fitness and Pilates to put more energy into her own training. She started using food to fuel her training, this time losing 20# and paying attention to portion size. She feels better and moves better, and is a better mom and citizen when she eats better. She makes better decisions when she is fueled and energetic. Nikki enjoys puzzles and chickens and her garden. She loves reading the Harry Potter Series aloud to her boys (over and over again). She is passionate about bringing up her weaknesses and delights in little movements of the needle (both hers and her clients!). Nikki believes habits trump motivation, and the joy of a thing done right trumps immediate satisfaction. She enjoys CrossFit and Olympic lifting and is working on her gymnastics. She meal preps for herself and her boys to make life easier and to make the healthy choices, the easy choices.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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